(Frequently Asked Questions)

How much of my contribution goes directly to the elderly poor?

Our overhead is less than 9%, so more than 91 cents of every dollar contributed goes directly to fulfill the mission of Teresa Charities.

Does that 9% figure include the costs of your entertainment evenings for fundraising?

Yes. While renting a hall can cost, all coordination and preparation work is done by volunteers. We have been generously supported by the community in the areas of publicity and decoration.

Are you a registered charity? Is my contribution tax deductible?

We are registered in the State of Virginia as a 501(3)(c) non-profit, tax exempt corporation. Your contributions are fully tax deductible.

Will I receive a receipt for filing my taxes?

Yes, we issue receipts at the time of donation. We do not, however, send end-of-year statements, so do save your receipts as you receive them.

Have your books been audited?

Yes, our books have been audited since 2004 and our 2011 Annual Report, available here, includes a statement from an independent auditor.

How do you make sure the recipients really receive the goods you think you are providing them?

In the recipient's country, we work with a variety of church (usually) or social organizations. Where possible, we wire funds directly to a local bishop or other trusted church official. We generally avoid using governmental agencies. Then, we utilize a second tier of independent volunteers in the country, who do on-the-spot visits for their independent reports.

Is Teresa Charities political in any way?

Our one and only goal is to provide food to the elderly poor, who suffer without the support we try to provide. We do not work for or against any government. We do not try to influence policy. We do not try to make a statement with our charitable work. We work only to support those in need.

How can I help?

Donations can be sent to Teresa Charities, P.O. Box 13237, Portland, OR 97213-0237. We can use help in kind, as well, especially for publicity and coordinating fundraising.

How can my small donation really help world poverty? The problem is so huge!

We're not solving world poverty, we are helping one person at a time, as we can do so. Ultimately, we believe that this is the only way to address world poverty: person to person, one person at a time. Through the small and large donations of people like you, we are currently helping about 15,000 individual and unique human beings regularly. Together, we all do what we can, and we always find afterward that we did more than we thought possible.