Who We Serve

Our mission is simple: to provide rice to the elderly poor.
Our purpose is simple: to relieve suffering.

Catholic syster Tuyet Hong delivers rice to one of the needy elderly in Vietnam.

Mrs. & Mr. Van Trung, visited by Sister Tuyet Hong. Notice the planks these people walk on in their home, so that they can cope with the flood waters in their desolate area. Since Typhoon Damrey, we have had no report on whether their house still stands.

Buddhist nun Thich Nu Tri Tien, representing Teresa Charities, provides rice money to Ms. Le Thi Ngo, who at 91 is blind.

Though it is rare, Teresa Charities sometimes provides money directly to recipients if it is easier for them to purchase rice in their own location.

Since June of 2008,  15,000 elderly people have been provided monthly with 10-lb. bags of rice through Teresa Charities — through givers such as you.

Teresa Charities also supports other projects, such as village bridges, nurseries, and libraries. At the left is an old shack that was completely rebuilt to be an elderly care home for five women, who would otherwise have no secure home (below right).

Some of these additional activities are carried out in cooperation with established religious groups. The care house is operated by a convent of nuns, who provide the human touch, the care that Teresa Charities could not by itself provide.